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Hurricanes can be unpredictable and their damage can leave a business owner scrambling for answers on how they are going to be able to repair their commercial property to continue their business operation. Many of our clients come to us after having their claim improperly denied by the insurance company. Often times homeowners insurance companies will attempt to underpay or devalue claims to small businesses.

Hurricane Damage Insurance Disputes

Business owners that have been impacted by a hurricane or natural disaster may wish to begin cleanup as soon as possible. It is vital that the insured allow assessors the opportunity to survey the damage and complete a report prior to issuing funds. Failure to give the insurer an opportunity to assess the damage can result in a limited recovery. Whenever attempting to file a claim on your business it is best practice to contact the insurance company and your attorney. 

Allow Cappello Legal, P.A. to assist you with handling your commercial property damage claim to ensure you get the maximum recovery available under the policy. In some cases, clients have received settlements that are 1000% higher than the initial offer. 


Most importantly, there are never any fees or costs to you unless we are able to secure a settlement for you. Don't file your claim alone allow an experienced attorney at Cappello Legal, P.A. assist you.


Cappello Legal, P.A. cares and we will prove it.