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Motorcycle accidents can be particularly devastating to rider because the lack of protection the motorcycle rider has around them. Florida has been ranked as one of the most lethal states for motorcycle accidents by a recent AAA study. [1]


Injuries that arise from motorcycle crashes tend to be primarily to the head so it is very important that the rider always wears a helmet, even if Florida law does not require it.  The same AAA study revealed that from 2013 to 2015 about 40% of the motorcycle fatalities were due to the rider not wearing a helmet.


Shortly after a motorcycle accident a rider may need medical treatment and physical therapy that lasts for month or even years. It is important that you hire an aggressive attorney to ensure that your rights are not violated.


While it is impossible to control other driver’s negligent driving on the roads, it is important to protect yourself as much as possible.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident let me fight the insurance company to allow you to focus on recovery.


Allow Cappello Legal, P.A. to get started on your motorcycle accident claim right away to ensure you receive the settlement you are entitled to.

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[1] Motorcycle Traffic Fatalities by State; Governors Highway Safety Association; AAA; (2016)