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Several times a pedestrian’s injury is directly attributable to the fault of a negligent driver.  However, many times the insurance companies will attempt to argue that the pedestrian or bicycle rider contributed to their own injuries by failing to obey the traffic signals through the crosswalk. If you have been hit by a car or truck and suffered injuries as a result, allow an aggressive personal injury attorney answer your questions, even on nights and weekends.


It is important that driver’s of vehicles are always looking out for bicycle riders utilizing a dedicated bicycle lane adjacent to the roadway. It is also true that bike riders should always wear a helmet and follow the respective rules when sharing Florida’s roadways. Bicycle accidents that involve another car or truck can leave the victim with serious injuries that require medical treatment and physical therapy for extended periods of time. Allow Cappello Legal, P.A. to worry about the medical bills so you can worry about getting back to feeling better.


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