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Product Liability Injury Claim Florida


Injuries that arise from the use of a company’s defective product are particularly troublesome because they can occur to the user or bystander at virtually anytime. Many of the injuries from dangerous products could likely have be prevented if the company had undergone the proper safety testing prior to selling their product to the public.


If a product or device causes you serious injury then you may be entitled to compensation from the company that manufactured the product. In some instances, there are inadequate warnings on a device or product that do not properly alert the user of the product’s dangers.

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These types of accidents can happen in a moment’s notice but their effects can last a lifetime. While money may not be able to completely compensate you for your injuries, it may provide some relief for the unpaid medical bills, loss of wages, or loss of support. 

Common Types of Products Liability Claims

  • Failed Medical Devices (see more)

  • Design Defects of Consumer Goods

  • Autonomous Vehicle Injuries (see more)

  • Manufacturing Defects

  • Prescription Medication Recalls (see more)

  • Inadequate Warnings on Product

  • Car Recalls (see more)


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