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 Have you suffered an injury because someone broke the law? Were you injured by a drunk driver? Have you been assaulted at a nightclub or bar? In addition to criminal penalties that wrongdoer must face there is also the possibility of civil claims against tortfeasor.


Many times those injured have been stabbed or shot through no fault of their own and are left with permanent injuries that often require multiple surgeries. The mounting medical bills can create unnecessary stress on a victim an their family. Hiring an attorney from Cappello Legal, P.A. can help eliminate the stress caused during this time.


When you are injured through the criminal behavior of another you need an aggressive attorney that will fight for result that you deserve. At Cappello Legal, P.A. we pride ourselves on being the attorney for the community and we want to be there for you when tragedy strikes your family.


In addition to any compensation for the medical bills arising directly from the illegal act, the victim may also be entitled to punitive damages, or an amount of money the jury decides in order to deter the wrongdoers and others from similar behavior. These damage awards are available when the victim is injured through intentional conduct.


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Types of crimes that may allow you to recover even if the wrongdoer is acquitted on their criminal charges:

  • DUI - Drunk Driver Car Accidents

  • Assault/Battery

  • Sexual Assault/Harassment

  • Wrong-Way Driver Car Accidents

  • Hit and Run Car Crash